Allergy Friendly Range

Here at Whipped, we don't believe you should have to miss out on delicious treats because of allergies/lifestyle choices! And better yet, why should you have to pay more?? All of our allergy friendly products are priced the same as our other ranges! Wahoo!


We have a range of cakes available that can be made vegan and/or gluten free*. These are made with a vanilla or chocolate base and can be flavoured with fruits, compotes and curds (curds are not available vegan) and decorated in our signature buttercream (vegan/non vegan*).

Check out our cake pricing here.


We have the same flavours available in our allergy friendly cupcake range - chocolate mud and vanilla mud. They are slightly denser than your average cupcake but oh so moist and tasty! These can be made into our mini cupcake monograms and pullaparts! 

Check out our cupcake pricing here.

Check out our monogram/pullapart pricing here


Macarons are naturally gluten free* and we can also make these dairy free* using our deliciously silky vegan buttercream. These are unavailable vegan friendly. 

Check out our macaron pricing here

*Please note, although we do our best to avoid cross-contamination, all products are produced using equipment that also produces our other product ranges. Equipment is washed thoroughly and ingredients stored separately, but we cannot guarantee our products are 100% free from allergens.